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Resident Membership

Equity Golf

A member who owns a home and purchases an Equity Golf Certificate. They use the golf facilities on a priority basis with a tee time reservation. All golfing fees for Equity Golf Members are covered by annual dues with the exception of either a golf cart or trail fee. A Resident Equity Golf Member has full Clubhouse, Tennis, Fitness Center and Pool privileges.

Executive Golf

This category was created for new Willoughby residents, who are working professionals and are interested primarily in afternoon golf at a reduced upfront cost. It is also available to existing resident members who wish to upgrade to an Equity Golf Membership. The Executive Golf Member may use the golf facilities at any time May 1 through October 14th, and after 1pm from October 15 through April 30, Monday through Saturday. Sunday golf is permitted during the entire day. For regular golfing activities Executive Golf Members pay a cart fee or trail fee, in addition to annual dues. An Executive Golf Member has full Clubhouse, Tennis, Fitness Center and Pool privileges.

Resident Social Member

A Resident Member is an owner of a home or lot at Willoughby who does not choose to have a Golf Membership. All owners pay an initial contribution which provides them with full Clubhouse, Tennis, Fitness Center and Pool privileges.


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Non-Resident Golf Club Membership

Offered to those residing outside Willoughby Golf Club but wanting to experience the Willoughby lifestyle.

Full Golf

This membership option is perfect for families and includes husband, wife and any children under the age of 23 living at home or attending school. Annual Golf members enjoy unlimited family golf and range privileges, paying only for cart or trail fees. Also, members in this category take advantage of full Clubhouse, pool and tennis privileges.


Unlimited family Tennis & pickleball privileges including league eligibility. Cabana Bar & Grill & Pool privileges are included in this membership.