Class Descriptions

Rise & Shine Yoga

A morning yoga class that combines relaxation, flexibility and balance for participants who are new to yoga and would like to start as a beginner.

Next Level Yoga

A morning yoga class that combines transcendence, range of motion and advances asanas to achieve a higher-level yoga class.

Aqua Aerobics

Zero impact aqua aerobics to increase strength and cardiorespiratory fitness by using water resistance.

Barré & Stretch

Using a ballet barré and other modalities this class will help to lengthen tight muscles as well as improve balance and coordination.

Balance & Movement

An afternoon class that is focused on improving balance as well as hand eye coordination that can be utilized in our everyday lives to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Yoga for Golf

No need to bring your clubs because we’ve got them available. Incorporating all muscles involved in the golf swing for a great stretch to improve your game.

Tai Chi

Stressful day? Busy day? Join us for a relaxing slow motion and movement class partnered with deep and stress releasing breathing.